Carpathian Collection

The Carpathian Collection is inspired by the beauty of the Carpathian mountains and the coziness and warmth found inside the traditional Carpathian houses called ”Kaliba”. In this collection the rugs are handwoven of wool yarn. The choice of natural colours is enriched by the wide range of weaving patterns and different colours of linen warp. The wool yarn comes in browns, off-white and blacks as the colours of the Carpathian sheep. In addition we offer the wool yarn in a range of beautiful solid as well as melanged colors. Explore our samples below.

Classification for wear by Centre de Recherches et d’Etudes Techniques du Tapis: Vetterman Drum Test – after 22000 cycles – If the rugs had been machine-woven (EN 15825:2010) then the final classification would have been ”HEAVY USE AND LUXURAY CLASS LC1”