We welcome you to Stockholm Furniture and Stockholm Design Week where we will introduce several new Designers’ rugs as well as additions in our Carpathian wool yarn, Wool felt and Cotton Collections.
Come explore the news with us! Stockholm Furniture Fair hall A stand 05:06 and Vandra Rugs showroom Grevgatan 32 (open Tuesday to Saturday 10-17).

Carpathian News! Metropolis is a new dual coloured pattern. Read more…

Cotton Our crispy and clean cotton rugs are ideal for your ultimate summer interiors. Read more…

Wool felt Soft and luxurious. We offer our wool felt rugs in an amazing range of colors. Read more…

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The design SNÖ & KOL was inspired by a black and white photograph of my grandparents from 1917 in the warm morning light with the fresh snow in Dalarna.


In a textured mix between Scandinavian nature and urban life the designer stays true to his unique use of stripe patterns in a herringbone weave technique using all-natural wool and linen combined with the silky softness of undyed sheep’s fur. STOCKHOLM is inspired by the Stockholm archipelago and a summer evening’s raspberry red sunset over the rocks. The rug is woven in a herringbone pattern. Built up in stripes alternating between wool yarn in soft, muted colors with a dash of vivid pink and turquoise and non-dyed sheep fur.


VASA is the third exclusive luxury rug in the Lars Nilsson collection for Vandra Rugs. Inspired by the natural beauty of porphyry found in Älvdalen and rugged granite from the north of Sweden, VASA captures the richness of crystal and rock in a phaneritic texture; a beautiful mosaic reflection of geological stratum.


To use the same pattern in different color ways is for Ami Katz a test to how good and well balanced a design is. The original LORO is colorful with full of contrast. The idea behind the original pattern was that one through mixing of materials, to the striped dark green and white base, add elements of organic form via circles of orange rya and parts filled with green wool yarn boucle. In LORO 2018 the colors of the base and in the circles are closer, forming a softer look. We are many that appreciate a more quiet interior avoiding too much color or pattern. Ami Katz  intention is in LORO 2018 to show that many colors combined can translate into calm. As always in her work Ami Katz starting point is a favorite color. Here a goldengreenishbeige the combines with shades of warm whites and greybeige. Thus Loro 2018 and the original LORO are two completely different rugs sharing the same basic pattern.


MINERVA came about in AMI KATZ preferred fashion. An engaged and interested client with a specific interior in mind with specific set color ways and limitations in size makes the creative process easier. Resulting in a playful summery rug with a both dark and light part with careful accents in soft as well as dark heathe


The composition in CATENA WOOL is built up in color blocks appearing to overlap each other, forming a stylistic chain. Again, aiming to disturb the inherent striped design of a woven rug. The pattern is strict and geometric. The colors of emerald, amethyst and gold are rich and muted at the same time.


Great tweeds for a classic yet updated look. Use the ones from our collection or compose your own Bespoke tweeds to suit your interiors.


Add sparkle with our Metallic Collection. Available with effects in gold or silver. The metallic can be added to any of our Carpathian wool yarn colours.

Carpathian Pearls

Carpathian Pearls is a clean and simple design with a single-weave base in a beautiful melange of colors and decorative rows of hand knotted pearls creating a frame. It can be ordered any size you like.