We are proud to present our new collection of hand woven 
rugs at  Stockholm Furniture Fair on February 7-11. Find us at stand A 15:03.

Carpathian Collection
Now in beautiful colors!
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News! Anecdote
Our latest Cotton Collection.
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Wool Collection
Our most luxurious and soft, hand woven wool felt on linen yarn.
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Designers’ Collection Storia, or fairy tale, is composed with a two-part base with a diffuse reflective circle. It resembles how the moon reflects in water. Inside the circle, we find stones, or maybe clouds. Designer Ami Katz says she was inspired by Japanese stories’ illustrations. Playful, simple and yet secretive.


The Collection Anecdote is the essence of the Designer rugs STORIA and CORNICI 16. In Anecdote you find the corresponding colors presented in a clean no fuss manner. They are both bright and subtle and very useful to finish off interiors. There are both staple signs such as herringbone and diamond twill but also the new design ”COLUMN” rich in details.


The rug PACE is the first wool yarn rug in the Ami Katz collection for Vandra Rugs. Mrs Katz is here inspired by the folkloristic tradition of using a multitude of weaving techniques within one rug. In combination with the accurate but daring use of color combinations the result is contemporary playful yet classic chic.


Cornici is italian for frames. Ami Katz has created a beautiful new version with two colored frames combining the strict graphic frames with a softness in colors.