Designers’ Collection by Yuriy Zimenko

Ukrainian designer, Yuriy Zimenko is a renowned interior designer, project architect and designer of custom objet. Founded over 15 years ago, the Design Studio Yuriy Zimenko has become synonymous with international standards, winning awards such as The International Property Award for Best Interior Design Apartment in 2015; and gaining recognition at the SBID International Design Excellence Awards (2018) amongst many other accolades. Yuriy Zimenko is also a sought-after jury member – most recently at the ELLE Decoration International Design Awards 2019 and at the SBID International Student Design competition, Get Me 2 the Top.

Aromas of Time

These Armoas of Time rugs tell us a story where each branch represents years, each leaf signifies moments, and each loop of thread embodies experiences. The motif invites us to peer into our own lives, to see how it has evolved, changed, and grown, much like branches on trees, and each leaf being part of our unique destiny. It remind us that even in life’s most challenging moments, much like branches with thorns, there is beauty and lessons that make us stronger.

However, “Aromas of Time” is not just about our own history. The background pattern, infused with natural motifs, underscores our inseparable connection with the environment. These rugs are a call to treat nature with care and respect. They tell us that, much like the roots of trees, we are rooted in the earth, and our fate is tightly intertwined with the fate of our planet.

Handwoven in wool yarn in draell technique with a dual coloured floral pattern behind graphic stripes in knotted pile. Offered in beige and blue.

The Meditative Lines

“The Meditative Lines” New Rug Collection:  rug “Rays” and “Horizons”

Our home is the sanctuary to which we escape from the relentless pace of modern life, providing an essential counterbalance to the overstimulation and information overload of the everyday.

At home, we desire harmony in an environment of calm; a place in which to relax and recharge, to ensure our physical and mental wellbeing.

Vandra Rugs presents “The Meditative Lines Carpet Collection” created by Yuriy Zimenko.

Inspired by formal graphic elements such as lines, coloured spots and fixed configurations, designer Yuriy Zimenko has created patterns on wool that not only complete the décor but also imbue the space with a soothing meditative rhythm – an energy embodied in all his designs.