Designers’ Collection by Joyn Studio

Joyn Studio is a small interior architectural studio with one great ambition: to put people in the right mood. The studio is based in Stockholm and was founded by Helena Eliasson, Lisa Grape and Ida Wanler. Projects undertaken range from curating the Swedish Design Association’s Milan Exhibition in Brera, designing the award winning three-star Frantzén Restaurants in Stockholm and Singapore as well as several other commercial spaces. Joyn Studio does extensive research to reach an understanding of the specific culture of the location, the guests and staff and their patterns of behavior and by observing what makes people listen carefully, sit close, keep a distance, get up and start dancing or fall in love, that is how they gain insight of how to put people in the right mood with the right combination of lighting, sound and material.


With a playful approach talented group of designers created Zebra, a strict graphic patterned carpet. “We wanted to make a traditional lined woven carpet but with a twist. The idea just appeared in front of us and felt so simple, fun and obvious that we just could not resist it.”


For Vandra Rugs, Joyn Studio designed the rug Encounter. The inspiration for Encounter was a gentle touch, like two ice-blocks drifting in the sea. The intensity that appears when two objects nearly touch each other. Both from an
aesthetic and a philosophical point of view. Simplicity at it´s best. The rug is handwoven in 100 percent wool yarn with warp in natural colored linen. The base is woven with a braided pattern and the blocks are tufted by hand.


A Swedish portrait in China in the shape of a carpet.
When designing a restaurant space that should speak, or perhaps whisper, of Sweden to the local guest, it is in the details you set the tone. The carpet we have designed is inspired by Sweden’s carpet weaving and design heritage and speaks a traditional language but with an undisciplined twist added to it.