Vandra Rugs offers consultation and assistance to architects and designers throughout the process of design and production of our hand woven rugs. Choose among our standard collections or turn to Vandra Bespoke, where we can make something unique using our know-how in weaving and materials.   We can create a rug that is perfectly suited to your space, often using our highest quality cotton and linen but even more often working with our Wool felt and Carpathian Wool yarn rugs. We have also done Bespoke work in leather as well as high-tech fabrics.   The rug can add a modern twist to classical surroundings. Modern surroundings can be softened and personalized by the hand-crafted touch of a Vandra rug.   We have experience from working alongside architects and designers to plan and create elegant hand-woven rugs for boutique hotels, corporate offices, board rooms, corporate meeting rooms, private dining rooms, spa:s, yachts. Welcome to contact us for a consultation.

Photographer Martin Kelam