Meet the founders

Cia Attling, Larissa Bodén and Marie Wallenberg Olsson co-founders of Vandra Rugs AB, share a passion for making beautiful and authentic hand woven rugs, from the very best materials and with the highest level of craftmanship.

Cia Attling, Larissa Bodén and Marie Wallenberg Olsson

As a team, we constantly develop the collections to meet the high expectations and demand of our clients. This is done by exploring the rich tradition of weaving patterns and using  them in new combinations, colours and designs.   In addition to the collections, that we continually update and add to, we also offer our Bespoke service to those who want to create something unique for themselves. We believe the customization of the rug is a key to creating a beautiful interior.


Cia Attling has a BA in Liberal Arts from the US and a professional background in marketing from both the financial and pharmaceutical markets. She has always had a love of textiles and a strong interest in design, art and architecture. The first encounter with the rugs was as a client and she has since become hooked.


Larissa Bodén has a teaching degree in foreign languages from Cherkasy University in Ukraine and a degree in finance from Institute for Finance in Kiev. She played an important role in the marketing department when establishing the food company Chumak that has since grown immensely. For Vandra Rugs, her managerial and entrepreneurial skills have been instrumental in building up and running the weaving atelier on a daily basis. She also makes use of her creative side in exploring ever new versions of hand-woven rugs.


Marie Wallenberg Olsson has a MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and a Master in Finance from Stockholm University. Her professional background is mainly within finance, but her wide spectrum of interests has also led her to explore art, architecture and design. Marie grew up on these rugs as a child in her own home, having been introduced to them by her father who is an architect.


Together, today’s Vandra Rugs team can efficiently support clients around the world through all steps of creating a finished rug. We act as a discussing partner for designers and architects, we supply samples, we plan and complete the actual rug and we deliver it to your doorstep.