Designer rugs by Ami Katz

Catena by Ami Katz

Catena is a Designer’ cotton rug. The composition is built up in color blocks appearing to overlap each other, forming a stylistic chain. Again, aiming to disturb the inherent striped design of a woven rug. the pattern is strict and geometric. The colors are warm earthy tones with a touch of pink and cognac.

Cornici by Ami Katz

Cornici is Ami Katz first cotton rug collection for Vandra Rugs. CORNICI is Italian for ”frames” and consists of rectangular two-colored doubleweave rugs with irregular squares. The Basic collection is made up of natural colors along with a unexpected orange/pink version. However as always with Vandra Rugs bespoke color combinations and sizes tailored to your needs are available upon request.

See Cornici in Wool