Tapestry is an ancient form of textile art and tapestry weaving became an important art form during the Middle Ages, particularly in Europe. Tapestries were often used to adorn the walls of castles and palaces, creating sophisticated interiors but also having practical use providing insulation, covering openings and giving privacy around beds.

Tapestry weaving is a rare craft, woven in a frame and not on a loom. In the mountain region in western Ukraine the art of tapestry weaving has been taught at the national artschool since the 1900 century. The training takes years to master and an equal amount of time is spent teaching the artistic side and the use of colour, as the technical side.


The tapestry is tightly woven and robust while at the same time allowing the weaver the flexibility in composition equal to an artist doing watercolour. The warp threads are stretched on a frame and act as a grid, then the weavers use different techniques using coloured weft threads to form the pictorial or abstract designs.


Traditionally tapestries have been used on walls or floors but in the creative hands of Beata Heuman there is now also an ottoman sold exclusively by
Beata Heuman.


Vandra Rugs offers design and production of tapestries and are happy to be your creative partner for realization of unique pieces to last for years to come.