Bespoke service

Turn to our bespoke service when you want to create unique pieces for your specific projects. Our weaving atelier has 35 skilled weavers ready to cater to your needs. Usually we start with the clients’ ideas about the space. We take into account the location, the style of the building, the planned use of the space and which look and style is sought after. This  leads us to suitable colors and materials, and can be further enhanced by the pattern and endings.

We will be happy to consult you and lead you through these steps.

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Choose between Cotton; for a crispy and clean look and feeling, Wool felt; for a soft and luxurious rug or Carpathian Wool yarn for a strict rug with a strong handicraft feeling.


Then decide colors, color catalogues for all materials are available.
Colors in cotton – Colours in Wool Felt  Wool Yarn Colours


See our wide range of patterns among the overview of samples that all our Collections have.
Patterns in CottonPatterns in Wool FeltPatterns in Wool Yarn


Linen yarn
The linen yarn has a great impact on the look of the rug, choose natural, brown, black or white to enhace the look you are after.


Decide if a casual fringe, an oriental ending or a woven ending best underlines your desired look.