Designer Collaborations

Vandra Rugs continuously collaborates with external designers. The designers have either designed rugs for our standard collections or been invited to create unique rugs  with recycled material at their choice for charity events.

Ami Katz - rug
Ami Katz - rug

Ami Katz

For Vandra Rugs Ami Katz has created the wool and wool-felt collection MUNABRIO. The collection is the first time Ami Katz, partner at the Architect firm 3dO in Stockholm, is designing woven rugs. The collection is a result of playfully mixing weaving techniques , ”rya-knots” and wool yarn bouclé combining soft wool fabric with the strict limitations of rag-rug weaving while striving to incorporate organic patterns. The contradictive elements of weft, rya’s and yarn are used in all the rugs.

Lars Nilsson - rug

Lars Nilsson

The rug Made of Wallstreet – Mad Off The inspiration from the rug came after a summer of reading about how the US financier Bernard MadOff had in a scam lost millions of dollars from his fund’s investors. One could read how elderly women, while selling off their houses to cover debt also had to sell off their jewels in order to pay salaries to their domestics. Mr Nilsson imagined these lady investors in affect stomping and walking on Mr. Madoffs wallstreet business suits while still by its soft texture getting relief for their tired feet. The rug is made in wool of recycled left over business suit material. It is woven in herringbone pattern on black linen yarn. To find the highest quality wool fabric in a rag rug delivers a positive surprise.

Toyine Sellers

My rug would depict the spring, when all is reborn and blossoms bloomMy blossom, a beautiful wild English rose. I choose to work with a gradation of color, in a hombre effect, from green to pink. The colors themselves are symbolic of nature in the spring, as well as the transition in a rose, from stem to flower. The gradual change of light to dark and back refers as well to the passing of time, one color to another, one day to another. At far end of the rug, there metallic thread or two glistens, to suggest early morning dewdrops on rose petals;> at the other, bright, fresh, green tones are meant to make you feel the damp, mossy grass, so young, fresh and bright this time of year.   

Toyine Sellers - rug
Maria Silfverschiöld - rug

Maria Silfverschiöld

Rug made of mix of deerskin-recycled material from Swedish farms, meet production, and linen yarn. Rug woven in herringbone pattern.

Cilla Ramnek

Rug made of Josef Frank printed leftover fabric in linen. Woven in double weave pattern.

Cilla Ramnek - rug
Monica Förster - rug

Monica Förster

Rug made with leftover material from Vandra Rugs atelier. Oval rugs that are woven in a mixture of techniques.

Hope – Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Soderberg
Rug made of leftover-waxed cotton fabric and wool from the HOPE collections.  Lined with Tärnsjö leather. Rug woven in large diamond will pattern.

Hope - rug
Thomas Eriksson - rug

Thomas Eriksson – TEA Architectural firm
Rug woven in leftover technical materials. Fabric for airbags and strollers has been used. Woven in doubleweave pattern with added rya knots.

Bernadotte and Kylberg Design
The design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg’s carpet ”Middle of Nowhere” is made out of discontinued silk parachutes from the Swedish military and parachute clubs. The parachutes are forest green and bone white, as well as bright red and canary yellow. The parachute silk has been cut in stripes and woven in herringbone technique on white linen yarn. The canary yellow silk parachute fabric frames the rug. Childhood’s important work helps children and women in need and gives them hope – a kind of parachute. Therefore, parachute became the inspiration for Bernadotte & Kylberg’s rug ”Middle of Nowhere”.

Bernadotte and Kylberg - rug