About us

Vandra Rugs offers rugs that combine design and handicraft knowledge. All rugs are woven by hand either with a rag-rug technique or from yarn exclusively using the highest quality natural materials cotton, wool-felt, wool-yarn and linen.


Since 2007 we collaborate with a weaving atelier in southern Ukraine. The Ukrainian weavers have long experience in local weaving traditions. They have also received on-site training from Swedish weavers and have visited Sweden to acquire in-depth knowledge of Swedish weaving.


The diverse experience of our weavers enables us to offer an extensive selection of models, patterns and dyes…

Hand-woven rugs are once again trendy and fashionable. We focus on customers who are looking for rugs that are attractive and practical and that will follow you through the various stages of your life. We strive to preserve our background in handicrafts and continuously improve our product range by adding new colours, models and textures.


Traditional rag rugs are an interior decorating detail that has been a part of Swedish homes since the end of the 1700s. As textiles were very exclusive and expensive, the owners only hang them on walls at festivities. It wasn’t until the 1900s that rugs found their way to the average Swedish home and were placed on the floor. It is still a time consuming, intricate and demanding work to create a handwoven rug of highest quality.


Vandra Rugs was founded in 2005 and originates room the classic textile company EMTE Textil. EMTE Textil has a close relationship with the well-known design house Svenskt Tenn. EMTE Textil was founded in the 1940s by Professor Edna Martin and Mrs Marit Thorén. With the help of a wide network of weavers from all around Sweden, they designed and produced textiles and hand-woven rugs. Mrs Barbro Thessing took over the company in the 1980s and developed the weaving studio and production.


Today we work with the entire chain, from dyeing the fabric strips to design and production. When it comes to finding original solutions and realizing ideas, the possibilities are almost endless.