Our luxurious rugs combine design with the highest level of craftsmanship. As a heritage luxury lifestyle brand, we continuously strive to act in a respectful and sustainable way towards both people and the planet.

2022 is around the corner and we look forward to seeing you at the festive design events starting off the year. Be sure to mark your calendars and make your travel plans. On display will be many new designs in our range of handwoven and combined woven and handtufted rugs, all made with the highest level of craftsmanship in our own weaving atelier.

Paris Deco Home January 20-24th
Gallery Seine 55, 55 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris, France

Stockholm Furniture Fair February 8-12th
Älvsjö, Stockholm

More information about the events will follow as we get closer.
Until then, we remain here to assist with ideas and samples for your projects.

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News! Designer rug TUVA
Designer rug Tuva by Maja Johansson Starander is both grounded and light. A calm of soft movements in a down-to-earth design. The linen warp and cotton weft in the carpet create a base of weaving tradition while the wavy pattern and airiness in the rya knots are reminiscent of nature’s movements of grass swaying in wind and ripples in water. These knots are laid by hand during the weaving process and offer a lively contrast to the weaving pattern. The fringes of linen warp are long for an elegant finish.
At home we like to incorporate the feeling from our holiday with our everyday life and we strive for surrounding us with both inspiration and serenity. We look at the environment where the rag rug often adorns the floor, as in the whitewashed stone house, in the artist’s studio, by the comfortable reading chair in the academic’s study. We walk through cobbled streets, through Slottsträdgården towards the salty sea, visit the Skissernas museum in Lund and look across the strait towards Glyptoteket in Copenhagen.The artist’s studio and the academic’s reading corner, where sculptures and paintings that mingle with clogs and clay jars, new and old, practical and decadent. The traditional Scandinavian gets a little more flair.
Tuva by Maja Johansson Starander is handwoven in cotton rags on linen yarn with rya in cotton and linen. It is offered in Botanic Beige combining brown and natural linen with cream, white and khaki in cotton strips and longer linen fringes. Available in size 200×300 cm and in bespoke sizes.
Designers Alba and Vera by Maja Johansson Starander

Growing up influenced by her grandparents home filled with art, Scandinavian Röllakan wallhangings, British wallpapers and craft and textiles from her grandmothers childhood in Ethiopia layed the foundation for a style both Scandinavian and global. After studies and work in Berlin, Copenhagen and London with a Master in woven textiles from Royal College of Art, Maja moved to Sweden to work with Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg at Kasthall. Maja has since 2013 designed rugs and collections for Kasthall and world wide market in both tufted and woven qualities. She has worked in projects with designers and architect to create tailor-made solutions for the textile floors for spaces like restaurants, hotels, offices, fashion houses and their retail spaces.The source of inspiration is often textile tradition , archives and art while painting, creating and sampling on the loom is often the primary starting point for a new design.

Since 2020 Maja is working from her own studio to explore weaving and making further. She has designed two rugs for Vandra with a starting point in the color of their yarns and ability to freely hand weave.
The creative process was sketching in watercolour with blocks of lines and objects inspired by light through a window creating shadows in a room, tactile memories and a mix of stillness and movement. The result was Alba av Vera, two modern woven rugs in rödlakan technique.

Alba is a woven rug in Bordeaux, rust, beige and grayish lilac while Vera has shades of green, turquoise, grey, brown and vanilla.


As often in Ami Katz designs, PEONIA consists of an organic structure on a graphic base. The combination gives the rug both a strict and romantic expression. The base is black, brown and white like the ground; wet soil, peat and snow while the pattern in wool yarn bouclé leands it colours from peonies and other white flowers.


Choose PIANO for the interior to which you want a neutral rug, with few colours, or for a room that needs a rug with one light and one dark side. The idea is that the colour blocks balance each other, enabling you to alter the colours to suit your interior. For larger sizes, more colour blocks are added to the original three.

Sketches and drawings have always fascinated me. There is something appealing in what is unfinished. Therefore an embroidery that was started but not finished and an old half finished drawing became the starting point for the creation of the rug, Frammento.
The insight of the extraordinary skills of the weaving atelier and the endless possibilities that these skills allow, further inspired me. In Frammento many layers work together.The woolfelt  base with three blocks of stripes in soft shades of green, cream and aqua. The actual pattern also changes, beginning with a complete pattern in aqua, on one side of the rug and gradually fading out the further to other side you look.
The circular segments, adjusted into the different colour segments of the warp, are made up by distinct bouclé dots in the parts where the pattern is complete and more sketch-like, as if they were pencilled in, in the sketchier parts.
The aqua pattern, and the parts in between, co-vary with the circles and are alternately woven with effects in wool felt rags and wool yarn to give the surfaces texture and colour variations. All of these factors contribute to enforcing the sketchy expression
Our home is the sanctuary to which we escape from the relentless pace of modern life, providing an essential counterbalance to the overstimulation and information overload of the everyday.
At home, we desire harmony in an environment of calm; a place in which to relax and recharge, to ensure our physical and mental wellbeing.
Vandra Rugs presents ”Horizon” created by Yuriy Zimenko.
Inspired by formal graphic elements such as lines, coloured spots and fixed configurations, designer Yuriy Zimenko has created patterns on wool that not only complete the décor but also imbue the space with a soothing meditative rhythm – an energy embodied in all his designs
Most of our rugs may be used in contract interiors. However, when you need rugs that are hard-wearing enough for intense use with castor chairs we do recommend you to use our flat techniques, developed specially to withstand the wear of castor chairs. These rugs are woven by hand, with tightly spun wool yarn and with no visible linen warp. Lastly they are backed with latex. The rugs have obtained classification by testing FOR INTENSIVE USE  according to EU standard UNE-EN 14215:2013 and UNE-EN 985:2002 by AITEX Textile Research Studio. Most of our patterns may be translated into a flat version and any of the colours in our colour catalogue can be used.