Vandra Rugs is a weaving atelier offering the highest quality hand-woven rugs in natural materials. Our rugs are luxurious and have a strong sense of craftsmanship. We offer our rugs in three basic collections: Cotton Collection, Carpathian Wool Yarn collection and Wool Felt Collection as well as a Bespoke service and a Designers’ Collection. Vandra Rugs works with carefully selected retailers all over the world as well as through our own showroom in Stockholm and our web shop.

Cotton Our crispy and clean cotton rugs are ideal for your ultimate summer interiors. Read more…

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Wool felt Soft and luxurious. We offer our wool felt rugs in an amazing range of colors. Read more…

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Designed by Ami Katz who describes her work “Fragments and drawings have always fascinated me. There is something appealing in what is unfinished. Therefore an embroidery that was started but not finished and an old half finished drawing became the starting point for the creation of the rug, Frammento. The insight of the extraordinary skills of the weaving atelier and the endless possibilities that these skills allow, further inspired me. In Frammento many layers work together. The warp changes colour from white, to natural, to brown creating a base of three blocks of stripes in various shades of white. The actual pattern also changes, beginning with a complete pattern in turquoise, green and brown on one side of the rug and gradually fading out the further to other side you look. The circular segments, adjusted into the different colour segments of the warp, are made up by distinct bouclé dots in the parts where the pattern is complete and more sketch-like, as if they were pencilled in, in the sketchier parts. The turquoise pattern, and the parts in between, co-vary with the circles and are alternately woven in wool felt rags and wool yarn to give the surfaces texture and colour variations. All of these factors contribute to enforcing the sketchy expression”.


This is the first design made exclusively by Eva Schildt for Vandra Rugs. Growing up on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, the sea and the rugged island environment are constant companions in Eva Schildt’s artistic practice. Since graduating in Furniture and Product Design from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, in 2001, Schildt has designed everything from furniture to textiles, packaging and trade fair showcases. She also works as an interior architect. Eva Schildt’s playful approach to everyday life and her warm personality are inherent in her designs, which are available in many countries. Currently based in Stockholm she has previously lived in Tokyo and collaborated with many Japanese companies. Eva Schildt is represented at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg. The design Rose is a wool rug woven in single-weave with a section of hand-tufted irregular dots at each end. ”The design consists of two form elements – order and disorder. I like to find the perfect balance between them” says Eva Schildt. The design fits runners as well as larger rugs and is offered in Vandra Rugs’ full range of wool yarn colours and neutrals.


”Longhi” is one of two graphic color blockstriped rugs inspired by Italian masters from Venice. ¨The Rhinoceros¨ by Pietro Longhi was the inspiration for the ¨Longhi¨ rug design with its very soft, subtle colour palette combined with unexpected colours and proportions. The ”Longhi” rug is woven in a modern tapestry technique. Designed stripes alternating between wool yarn in soft, muted colours with an edge of vivid red and turqouise and natural non-dyed sheep fur. The accent of strong colours in the otherwise monochrome palette together with the fur creates a graphic and playful modern design.The result is a playful and modern design. Design by Lars Nilsson


”Tiepolo” is one of the rugs in the new series of graphic and colour block striped rugs with inspiration from Venice and old Venetian master painters. ¨Rinaldo Enchanted by Armida¨ by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was the starting point for the design¨Tiepolo¨. With a very refined and subtle colour palette in clay, taupe and moss with descriptive colour accents and bold proportions. The ”Tiepolo” rug is woven in a modern tapestry technique. The stripes alternate in colour from soft, muted pale jade to stripes of red, coral and crimson along with a few accents of natural non-dyed sheep fur. The dark copper red and burgundy coloured stripes contribute to the graphic look in the otherwise softer aqua palette. Design by Lars Nilsson


The design SNÖ & KOL or in English SNOW & COAL was inspired by a black and white photograph of my grandparents from 1917 in the warm morning light with the fresh snow in Dalarna. The rug is made in wool yarn with thinly black designed stripes on a white base. The twocoloured endings with a hint of lurex flirts with Lars Nilsons background in fashion while also representing the sun reflecting on snow. The design can be ordered in several colour ways. Design by Lars Nilsson

ENCOUNTER by Studio Joyn

The rug ENCOUNTER is designed by Studio Joyn. It is woven by hand in a braided pattern with two large sections meeting each other – Encounter. Studio Joyn is a small interior architectural studio based in Stockholm. It was founded by Helena Eliason, Lisa Grape, Ida Wanler and Johanna Landin. They describe themselves as having one great ambition: to put people in the right mood. They have curated Svensk Form and Visit Sweden’s group exhibitions at Milan Design week 2018 and 2019. Their work also includes restaurant, spa and office interiors.


Ukrainian designer, Yuriy Zimenko is a renowned interior designer, project architect and designer of custom objet.

“The Meditative Lines” New Rug Collection:  rug “Rays” and “Horizons”

Our home is the sanctuary to which we escape from the relentless pace of modern life, providing an essential counterbalance to the overstimulation and information overload of the everyday.

Inspired by formal graphic elements such as lines, coloured spots and fixed configurations, designer Yuriy Zimenko has created patterns on wool that not only complete the décor but also imbue the space with a soothing meditative rhythm – an energy embodied in all his designs. For more, please visit Designer page.

Collection FRAMES

In our new collection FRAMES we offer you a sophisticated and subtle rug with endless colour combination possibilities. The rug is woven in one piece, using our herringbone, columns, round diamond twill or rosepath pattern for the center part and with a frame in folded singleweave. Choose the pattern and colour of the main part and add the frame in either a similar or contrasting colour depending on your interior. The design may be ordered in any of our colours and in sizes up to six meters wide. Here are some of the beautiful combinations we have composed to set your creativity free.