Vandra Rugs luxurious hand-woven rugs combine design with the highest level of craftsmanship. As a Swedish heritage luxury lifestyle brand, we continuously strive to act in a respectful and sustainable way towards both people and the planet. All rugs are made to order, up to maximum six meters wide and any length, in our own atelier in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine.

The atelier mainly employs women, both as weavers and in managerial positions. The Vandra Rug can add a modern twist to classical surroundings while modern surroundings can be softened and personalized by the hand-crafted touch. We invite you to read more about Vandra Rugs and sustainability here and Vandra Rugs for contract here.

Stockholm Design Week

Discover the latest from Vandra Rugs at Public Service Gallery during Stockholm Design Week. We’re excited to showcase new additions to our Designer Collections by Ami Katz, Maja Johansson Starander, Eva Schildt, Lars Nilsson, and Yuri Zimenko. Explore updates in our Wool, Cotton, and Carpathian wool yarn collections.


Join us to celebrate as we unveil the latest Designer Rug Collection Pietra by Ami Katz. This collection is a collaborative effort between Vandra Rugs and Malmstenbutiken.


5-7 February
Public Service Gallery, Storgatan 1, 114 44 Stockholm


Gallery Opening Hours 

Monday, 5th February, 16:00 – 19:00
Tuesday, 6th February, 9:00 – 21:00
Wednesday, 7th February, 9:00 – 19:00

Vandra Rugs Showroom, Opening Hours
Grevgatan 32, 114 53, Stockholm

Thursday, 7th February, 10:00 – 17:00
Friday, 8th February, 10:00 – 17.00

Save the date, and we look forward to your presence in Stockholm this February!


Pietra Collection

Inspired by the iconic Malmstenbutiken in Stockholm, Pietra is a new rug collection designed by Ami Katz. Rooted in the shop’s heritage, the design features a symmetrical chequered pattern with strategically deleted lines, offering a modern graphic touch in black and white. The collection, in various colourways, blends natural hues with a contemporary twist. Available in both an exclusive knotted pile or a röllakan version, Pietra seamlessly combines the old and new in interior design.


Malmstenbutiken is an interior design store in Stockholm, founded by Carl Malmsten in 1930. Carl Malmsten’s work is characterized by both simplicity and elegance. Malmstenbutiken has become a destination for design-lovers, offering Carl Malmsten’s loved furniture and are exclusive distributors of the handmade lamp collection made by Carl Malmstens great-grand child Vanja Sorbon Malmsten as well as a large range of interior design products.

Vandra Rugs News 2024
Discover the latest from Vandra Rugs – a captivating presentation of our newest designer rugs and innovations in Carpathian wool, Cotton, and Wool felt collections. Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Vandra Rugs, where each piece embodies enduring artistry and refined design sensibilities.

News! Collection MILAN

Inspired by the richness of Milanese life the collection MILAN was created. With references to Milan’s people, its’ lavish history, ornamented art, sensuous luxury and beauty the Milan collection rugs have full-bodied texture in shades of bronze and gold. The collection consists of handwoven wool rugs where rich and generous handwoven bouclé, both as details in frames and on whole rugs, make these rugs suitable for the most elegant of interiors. Choose between rugs in colours of bronze and gold, a crisp and elegant blue and white version or the always go to natural.

News! Designer rug BERTHILLON Blue by Lars Nilsson

With inspiration from Peder Severin Krøer and the horizon with its fresh blue sky tones, early summer fields of green grass, stripes of blue delphiniums, forget me nots, aqua anemone and hortensia of country gardens in an early northern summer. Berthillion Blue is an exclusive luxury rug in the Lars Nilsson collection for Vandra Rugs. It captures the light and freshness from the Skagen painters in a modern and contemporary graphic way. The Berthillion Blue rug is woven in wool yarn with a herringbone technique.

News! Designer rug Velvet Check by Maja Johansson Starander

A calm base with a check pattern that offers focus and harmony to the room.

Within the rug different weaving techniques are used with windows of flat woven twill structure, framed by rya knotted lines, and tighter single weave for contrast and depth. I have a special love for woven rugs with a frame design, and with Vandra Rugs weaving atelier’s handweaving this is possible to create. Here, stripes of rya knots in wool with flat woven twill in between, creates a luxurious and elegant frame. Between these lines, hidden like gems, broken up rows of metallic yarn adds a charming detail, combining traditional elegance with a touch of fantasy. Velvet check comes in colours: Neutral, Copper, Golden, and Salt and pepper.

Our weaving atelier has been relocated to Kosiv in the Carpathian mountains.

The Vandra Rugs weaving atelier in Ukraine has been moved to a new location in the Carpathian Mountains, far from the Russian and Belarus’ borders. After careful analysis, the small historic town of Kosiv in western Ukraine, close to the border of Romania, and known for its artistic handicrafts and kelims, was selected as the new location for our weaving atelier. We believe Kosiv offers a safer place to live and work for our weavers and their families and a majority of weavers and staff have chosen to relocate with us.