Vandra Residential

Among our three collections, you are sure to find a suitable and beautiful rug for your residential space. Think about the location and style of the residence and decide whether you want to enhance or contrast it.  Take into account how the space is used and the atmosphere you want to create. A crispy Cotton Collection rug for a clean and contemporary feeling. Or a soft and luxurious Wool Collection rug for a more urban and elegant style. Or maybe a Carpathian Wool yarn rug that works in almost any setting.

All our rugs offer a strong handicraft feeling. They are hand-woven on traditional floor looms, exclusively using natural materials of the highest quality cotton and linen.


Simply find your favourite rug among our Collections. Once you have found the design you like, then specify your desired size. The rugs come made to measure limited only by the size of our largest loom. Where the maximum width is 6 meters and the maximum length 16 meters.


All the Vandra Rugs are designed to work beautifully together, thus one can easily combine multiple rugs from the collection when decorating a room. The Vandra rugs are as pretty in a modern home as they are in a historical, more traditional setting.


No matter which rug is your favourite, choosing a Vandra Rug means acquiring a soft luxurious rug that sits assuredly upon the floor, exuding both the quality of materials and craftsmanship that Vandra Rugs has come to be known for.