Weaving Patterns in Wool Yarn

Weaving Patterns wool yarn Diamond Twill is created by side-by-side diamonds. Enlarging Diamond Twill creates another version. Diamond Twill can also be woven in two different colours for a very detailed impression. There are different variations of diamond twills: Regular Diamond Twill, Big Diamond Twill (inceased),Dual Diamond Twill ( lines of diamond twill are indicated by one colour and another colour is inside), Soft Dual Diamond Twill (the lines of dual Diamond twill are very soft), Flat Dual Diamond Twill ( diamonds are woven in a way, that the yarn is invisible) Herringbone can be woven vertically or horizontally. The herringbones can be enlarged or decreased creating completely different patterns. We use different variations of Herringbone pattern, like: Horizontal Herringbone (lines of herringbone are horisontal towards the beginning of the rug), Vertical Herringbone ( lines are vertical towards the beginniing of the rug), Dual Herringbone ( every second row the colour should be changed)

Honeycomb Echnique has very soft and nice shape – One solid colour – Positive /negative sides.

Rosepath is a beautiful, age-old pattern. It has a front and a back side. Weaving with two different-coloured fabrics creates a pattern with petals around the heart of a flower. Mixed colours – Positive/Negative – one colour is main, the other one (minor) is inside the rosepath.

Merezhka – is old techniques used in Ukrainian weaving, but still has a modern look. The rugs look very nice when different techniques are mixed.