Vandra Rugs luxurious hand-woven rugs combine design with the highest level of craftsmanship. Being a heritage luxury lifestyle brand, we continuously strive to act in a respectful and sustainable way towards both people and the planet.

It is still a time consuming, intricate, and demanding work to create a hand-woven rug of the highest quality. In our weaving studio, we work through the whole process from creating the style and design to the actual hand weaving of the rug. The Vandra Rugs weaving atelier is situated in a rural area in the southern part of Ukraine. The atelier mainly employs women both as weavers and in managerial positions. On a continuous basis the atelier organizes weaving training courses, both to allow more women to become weavers but equally important to encourage the existing weavers to develop their skillset even further, building their confidence to take on more responsibility the more experienced they become. By teaching a craft, creating job opportunities, giving exposure to an international environment and allowing the weavers the possibility to become the main breadwinner in their families, the atelier strives to empower their employees. Vandra Rugs is proud of our skilled weavers and their approach that nothing is impossible as they strive to reach beyond the clients expectations.  The atelier and the weavers behind it are rightfully proud over each rug that leaves the atelier on its way to a satisfied client.

We try to minimize our impact on the environment during the production of the rugs. All our rugs are made to order and, although we keep stock of our most frequently used colors, most are colored as we receive orders. This means we do not produce surplus rugs nor materials which reduces the impact on nature. In addition, we use our scrap to create new rugs later. But most importantly, Vandra Rugs are produced with high quality materials and a timeless design, which make them loved and used for decades. They always seem to find their place over and over in new homes. We offer sustainable choices and are proud to offer non-dyed, non-colored and non-bleached rugs. Within our Carpathian Wool Yarn Collection, we offer a range of 6-8 non-dyed colors, giving our customers the option of choosing an alternative with less impact on the environment as less water and chemicals have been used in the production of them. These colors have the natural beauty of sheep wool colors. Within our Wool Felt Collection, we offer a range of recycled wool felt. In our Cotton Collection, we offer non-colored as well as non-bleached color options.

The high quality and timeless design ensure Vandra Rugs to last for generations, which is not only kind to people and the planet, but also true luxury according to us.