There is a rug for every taste and style. We can design a rug for you that is perfectly suited to your space.

A Vandra Rug can be created with strong vibrant colours or more subtle tones. The rug can add a modern twist to classical surroundings. Modern surroundings can be softened by having a Vandra Rug with its’ handcrafted touch. Whether you are decorating an office, living room, hotel, stairs, boats, in an official or private surroundings, in the countryside or in the city – we like to think our rugs can be suitable almost anywhere.

Our rugs have a long life and many customers say they can always find a place for their rug, even if they move. ​ The rugs are traditionally woven with a linen warp and rags of cotton fabric but we can also weave rugs in other fabrics if desired, such as wool, faux suede or silk. ​ The pattern of the rug is created by the interwoven linen yarn. A light or dark yarn, or large or small patterns, can produce endless variations.

We finish the rug with a traditional fringe, braid, trimming or an elegant oriental border with tassels. The Belgian linen yarn we use is renowned for its fine quality. ​ We weave large and small rugs, long and short. There are only two limitations. The maximum width of our rugs is four metres, since we do not have wider looms. The same goes for length; the loom’s beam can only handle up to 17 metres.

However, two or more rugs can be sewn together for a wider rug. Sometimes we sew several long and narrow rugs into a wide rug, and the hand-sewn stitches in linen yarn create a beautiful and interesting detail.

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