Designers’ Collection by Eva Schildt

Growing up on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, the sea and the rugged island environment are constant companions in Eva Schildt’s artistic practice. Since graduating in Furniture and Product Design from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, in 2001, Schildt has designed everything from furniture to textiles, packaging and trade fair showcases. She also works as an interior architect.

Eva Schildt’s playful approach to everyday life and her warm personality are inherent in her designs, which are available in many countries. Currently based in Stockholm she has previously lived in Tokyo and collaborated with many Japanese companies. Eva Schildt is represented at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.


The design Rose is a wool rug woven in single-weave with a section of hand-tufted irregular dots at each end. ”The design consists of two form elements – order and disorder. I like to find the perfect balance between them” says Eva Schildt. The design fits runners as well as larger rugs and is offered in Vandra Rugs’ full range of wool yarn colours and neutrals.

SMILLA is a collection of rugs where colour plays the main character and design plays the supporting role.

In the SMILLA rugs blocks of similar colours are combined. The colours appear alike at first glance, but gradually the subtle difference between them comes to light. When these colour blocks meet it adds detail to the rug and it is here also that the skill that goes into the handweaving becomes apparent.

Eva Schildt has developed unique colour combinations in this collection. The simplest combination consists of just two undyed wool yarns, while the most complex consists of seven different wool yarns. Together these combinations make up this beautiful collection of 15 rugs. “The real challenge was having to limit myself as the possibilities were endless! Research into historic Scandinavian rug designs helped me select colours that I believed would work well in different settings. Of course, I added my own personal touch for a fresh and modern look. Out of a wide range of samples, it was only our favourites that made the cut” says Eva.

SMILLA’S CABINET is a rug that has different shaped squares in one long repeat. “I chose to position them on the rug asymmetrically in order to create a pattern in which no colour dominates the other” describes Eva.

SMILLA’S POM POM is a nod to the Sixties, a rug in five shades with tufted dots in a pattern. “It was the character in the book Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow that led me to the name for the collection, whilst I was developing the white colour combination.”