Designers’ Collection by Lars Nilsson

Lars Nilsson, born in Stockholm, Sweden, is a fashion designer and fully integrated member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America who has worked with several major fashion houses, including Christian Lacroix, Balmain, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, Nina Ricci and his own menswear line, Mr. Nils. Lars has recently collaborated with Svenskt Tenn on a new fabrics and rug collection. For VANDRA RUGS Lars has designed the rug Mad-Off, STOCKHOLM, VASA and SNÖ & KOL. In a textured mixt between Scandinavian nature and urban life the designer stays true to his unique use of stripe patterns in a herringbone weave technique using all-natural wool and linen combined with the silky softness of undyed sheep’s fur.

Made of Wall Street

The MADE OF WALL STREET design came about in 2011 after a summer of endless reading in the news about wall street and its characters’. The initial one off rug was made from tweed fabric used for men’s business suits. The design is  block stripes of different shades of dark blues and grey’ woven on black linen yarn in a herringbone pattern. Contributing to its look like one fabric of one suit after the other is placed in the loom. The rug is today made of Vandra Rugs felted wool. Design Lars Nilsson


STOCKHOLM is a designers’ wool rug. Inspiration is from the Stockholm archipelago and a summer evenings’ raspberry red sunset over the rocks.The rug is woven in a herringbone pattern. Built up in stripes alternating between wool yarn in soft, muted colors with a dash of vivid pink and turquise and non-dyed sheep fur. The dash of color in the otherwise monochrome palette together with the fur creates a softness and playfulness to the otherwise strict design. Design by Lars Nilsson.


VASA is the third exclusive luxury rug in the Lars Nilsson collection for Vandra Rugs. Inspired by the natural beauty of Porphyry found in Älvdalen and rugged Granite from the North of Sweden, VASA captures the richness of crystal and rock in a phaneritic texture; a beautiful mosaic reflection of geological stratum. Design by Lars Nilsson.


The design SNÖ & KOL or in English SNOW & COAL was inspired by a black and white photograph of my grandparents from 1917 in the warm morning light with the fresh snow in Dalarna. The rug is made in wool yarn with thinly black designed stripes on a white base. The twocoloured endings with a hint of lurex flirts with Lars Nilsons background in fashion while also representing the sun reflecting on snow. The design can be ordered in several colour ways. Design by Lars Nilsson


Midnight Birch is a Designer cotton rug. It takes its inspiration from the birch trees and landscape of Dalarna at night during midsummer. ¨Midnight Birch¨ is composed with a combination of dark navy, deep blue and black cotton, interwoven linen yarns and with accents in white, reminiscent of a birch tree in a graphic organic way. Design Lars Nilsson.


”Longhi” is one of two graphic color blockstriped rugs inspired by Italian masters from Venice. ¨The Rhinoceros¨ by Pietro Longhi was the inspiration for the ¨Longhi¨ rug design with its very soft, subtle colour palette combined with unexpected colours and proportions. The ”Longhi” rug is woven in a modern tapestry technique. Designed stripes alternating between wool yarn in soft, muted colours with an edge of vivid red and turqouise and natural non-dyed sheep fur. The accent of strong colours in the otherwise monochrome palette together with the fur creates a graphic and playful modern design.The result is a playful and modern design. Design by Lars Nilsson


”Tiepolo” is one of the rugs in the new series of graphic and colour block striped rugs with inspiration from Venice and old Venetian master painters. ¨Rinaldo Enchanted by Armida¨ by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was the starting point for the design¨Tiepolo¨. With a very refined and subtle colour palette in clay, taupe and moss with descriptive colour accents and bold proportions. The ”Tiepolo” rug is woven in a modern tapestry technique. The stripes alternate in colour from soft, muted pale jade to stripes of red, coral and crimson along with a few accents of natural non-dyed sheep fur. The dark copper red and burgundy coloured stripes contribute to the graphic look in the otherwise softer aqua palette. Design by Lars Nilsson

GIOTTO by Lars Nilsson

CLAY AND GRASS by Lars Nilsson