395x395_detaljer24395x395_rutor5A Vandra Rug can be created with strong vibrant colours or more subtle tones. The rug can add a modern twist to classical surroundings. Modern surroundings can be softened by having a Vandra Rug with its’ handcrafted touch. Do you want your rug to harmonise with the rest of your decor, or lie like a work of art on the floor?
​Our well-stocked supply of fabrics and access to professional dyeing guarantees that we can always weave in your favourite colours.

There are more than 200 different shades of colour in our colour catalogue. Your rug can be woven in a single shade but a rug woven in two or three gradations of colour acquires extra depth and richness.

Generally, rugs woven with less busy patterns such as Double Weave, Single Weave and Herringbone, can handle more colour gradation and other effects than a rug woven in for example Diamond Twill, where the actual pattern of the yarn is such a strong decorative effect.

Walk through our virtual catalogue and find your colour number under each ball of fabric.

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