Designers’ Collection by Ami Katz

Ami is partner at the Stockholm based architectural firm 3dO Architects. She has worked as a guest professor at Royal Institure of Technology – Architectural department. Ami has designed rug collections as well as bespoke rugs for Kasthall. In her work as a designer Ami has gotten various prices for her vase ” Fanny” by KLONG. 3dO Architects work in a large spectrum of architecture, interior design and designing and includes project such as the Hotel ”Fjällnäs Pensionat” in the north of Sweden, kindergartens, restaurants and more.


For Vandra Rugs Ami Katz has created the wool and wool-felt collection MUNABRIO. The collection is the first time Ami Katz, partner at the Architect firm 3dO in Stockholm, is designing woven rugs. The collection is a result of playfully mixing weaving techniques , ”rya-knots” and wool yarn bouclé combining soft wool fabric with the strict limitations of rag-rug weaving while striving to incorporate organic patterns. The contradictive elements of weft, rya’s and yarn are used in all the rugs.

Loro 2017

Loro 2017 is a Designers’ wool rug in soft, muted colors built up by layers of geometrical forms. The delicate circles, stiched in cognac and light pink, are partly filled in with hand tufted wool fields, creating a playfulness to the otherwise strict design. Design by Ami Katz.

Designers’ Collection Storia, or fairy tale, is composed with a two-part base with a diffuse reflective circle. It resembles how the moon reflects in water. Inside the circle, we find stones, or maybe clouds. Designer Ami Katz says she was inspired by Japanese stories’ illustrations. Playful, simple and yet secretive.


The rug PACE is the first wool yarn rug in the Ami Katz collection for Vandra Rugs. Mrs Katz is here inspired by the folkloristic tradition of using a multitude of weaving techniques within one rug. In combination with the accurate but daring use of color combinations the result is contemporary playful yet classic chic.

The rug “POTAGER” is the first rug in the Ami Katz collection for Vandra Rugs. Inspired by the straight rows of plants in vegetable gardens as well as the structure and the composition of flowerbeds, the rug ”POTAGER” is divided into fields and colours. The base of the rug consists of three distinct colour fields where two different weaving techniques in different sizes have been used. Ami has then counter-set the wefts horizontal pattern by in places exchanging linen yarn with wool fabric and by adding and using rya-knots to create three dimensionality , achieving a look of mouth-watering fields, colours, forms and patterns rather than sterile stripes.


The rug “CLESSIDRA” is the second rug in the Ami Katz collection ”Manubrio” for Vandra Rugs. The contradiction between the strict, flat weft and the organic soft higher yarn bouclé is apparent and typical for Mrs Katz work. The “CLESSIDRA” colour scheme reflects the summers in the Swedish archipelago or by the beach. There is sand, rocks and nordic seas. It is traditional classical craftsmanship, but in new design.


LORO is a wool rug built up by layers of geometrical forms. The LORO rug is handwoven in flatweave in a very large diamond-twill pattern. By changing colour in he weft, wool felt stripes in dark greygreen and white are created. Interlinked circles in orange and pink made of wool-felt ”ryas” are added on top creating new patterns. The ”ryas” can be exchanged to stitching. Space that is created by the ”rya/ stitching circles” have been filled in with green yarn bouclé in an ad-hoc manner. The contrast between the organic and the structured is apparent . The mind travels to gardens with rose-beds, paths and lawns organized in a strict manner. If the version with the circular pattern in stitches is chosen, the look of the rug can be changed depending on which color is used.

New Colour Combinations of LORO

LORO rug is also available in four additional colouways with ”ryas” or stitching: Dark green/white weft, light green bouclé with purple ryas; Light blue/cream weft with grey boucle and purple stitching; Burgundy/white weft with lightfreen boucle and turquoise stitching and Petroleum blue and white weft with apple green boucle and blue stitching . The LORO rug is available in size 250*300cm. However as always with Vandra Rugs, bespoke color combinations and sizes tailored to your needs are available upon request.


CORNICI is Italian for ”frames” and consists of two-colored doubleweave rugs with irregular squares. The CORNICI rugs are made both in cotton and in wool yarn. The wool yarn CORNICI rug is made out of non-dyed hand-spun woolyarn from the sheep in the Carpathian mountains. The CORNICI rug shown to the right is made out of a darkgrey mix of colors 05,14, and 7878 along with off white color 06 on natural linen yarn. CORNICI can be ordered in sizes 100*300cm, 200*450cm, 200*300cm, 300*400cm and 400*450cm. However as always with Vandra Rugs bespoke color combinations and sizes tailored to your needs are available upon request.

See Cornici in cotton