diamond twill

The pattern is created by side-by-side diamonds. Enlarging Diamond Twill creates another version. It can also be woven in two different colours for a very detailed impression.



A V-shaped pattern which can be woven vertically or horizontally. The pattern is called herringbone because it resembles the skeleton of the fish. The herringbones can be enlarged or decreased creating completely different patterns.



The pattern is a beautiful, age-old pattern that lends texture and character to a rug. It has a front and a back side. Weaving with two different coloured fabrics creates a pattern with petals around the heart of a flower.


double weave

This pattern produces the thickest rugs. A double layer of fabric is used, and a pattern is created when the fabric from the different layers cross each other. Double Weave rugs can be made by one solid colour, two colours, multicolour, checkered or striped.


zig zag

This can be described as both a jagged and a fairly regular pattern. This is a rug that has a feeling of being stitched which gives it a lot of texture.



A double-weave technique, producing a characteristic long and narrow check or striped pattern with a front and a back side. Dreall is a modern and clean pattern with a bulkiness.


single weave

Produces the thinnest rugs and is also the pattern long associated with the traditional rag rugs used in summer cottages and kitchens in Sweden. The stripes and effects of single-weave rugs can be endlessly varied. Single Weave and Rosepath can be combined in the same rug.