New Vandra Designers’ Rug Clessidra by Ami Katz
The rug “CLESSIDRA” is the second rug in the Ami Katz collection ”Manubrio” for Vandra Rugs. The contradiction between the strict, flat weft and the organic soft higher yarn bouclé is apparent and typical for Ami Katz’ work.

We are happy to present a new Vandra Cotton Collection: Archipelago is a selection of rugs inspired by ruff wild beaches with sand, granite rocks and the cold beauty of the ever-changing Baltic sea. Choose among rugs in various patterns and shades of pale blue, greenish beige with hints of turquoise colours.

Also, have a look at our extended Vandra Carpathian Collection to which we have added useful and beautiful soft beige and off white combinations in various patterns Carpathian collection

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